blOKes and ThisGirl Partnerships

Following the first step in relaxation of social distancing rules yesterday, and the announcement of Return to Rugby for all of our members this week, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with blOKes and ThisGirl as the Ampthill RUFC become Club Ambassadors for both organisations. 

blOKes is a registered community interest company (CIC) that aims to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for men to open up about their mental health, connect with other like-minded people and tell a #MaleTale. 

While conversations around mental health are becoming more common and accepted, there is still a taboo surrounding men speaking openly and honestly about their feelings. This is what drives us to raise awareness of the importance of men’s mental health and through the brilliant support our of ambassadors and partners, we aim to help men from every walk of life to have a voice of their own.”

Tom Home

“Ampthill Ladies RUFC are committed to their teams wellbeing and mental health. It is their main focus in 2021 and beyond to break the stereotypical stigmas associated with female rugby players, whilst providing the ladies with a safe platform and support network.

It is an honour to announce our partnership with the club. The precedent they are setting is to create a pathway of change and this is something we are very passionate about”

This Girl Community offer a platform for women to speak openly, safely and expressively about their own mental health, past and present traumas and general wellbeing. We support and guide each other and ensure females feel safe to tackle subjects surrounding any topic no matter how taboo. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to an exciting year ahead.”

Bianca Colclough

Joe Bercis will become our Player Ambassador for blOKes and Gloria Mills will assume the same role for ThisGirl. We are looking forward to working with both Tom and Bianca and to providing our players and members with another online platform for support in their mental health and some physical workshops at the club when circumstances allow. 

We hope that our members and players will utilize the partnerships and please remember, “it’s okay to not be okay – please speak to somebody’.

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