Extras 50 Huntingdon 2ndXV 12, Sat Oct 8, 2016

Extras 50 Huntingdon 2ndXV 12, Sat Oct 8, 2016

For the second week in a row the Extras ran up 50 points. This time the opposition was their old rivals Huntingdon Stags. Huntingdon turned up two players light of a full team. Step in Matt Brown & Loren Roby to do more than just make up their numbers.

Extras v Huntingon
Extras v Huntingon
From the start, the Extras had the lion’s share of possession but it still took them a while to score. Evan Taylor eventually broke the deadlock with a try after some great handling skills showed off by the backs. Shay Howes was next to score with Will Norford successfully converting.

Huntingon struck back with Extras’ Loren Roby, in unfamiliar green, powering through a very familiar defence. From here on in the Extras started to dominate possession. A kick and a successful chase led to Evan Taylor scoring his second of the match. Norford successfully converted.

Chris Day was next over the line before the first half was finished with a great run from Liam Herd, with Andy Hilly linking well with Howes who was stopped short of the line. The ball was recycled and moved swiftly across the width of the field for centre Dave Garfield to score the try. A great team effort.

The second half saw more of the same. Prop Adam Wilson made his introduction to the match like a rampaging bull. His run through to the try line left a Huntingdon defender questioning the old adage ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall’.

There was a second try for Chris Day before the Extras last try went to Will Burns with his first for the team, this from a Norford break and great supporting play from full back Jack Saunders. Sean Martyn converted three second half tries to bring the points total to 50.

Huntingdon for their part never gave up. Matt Brown, playing 10 for them, put in hit after hit to prevent the Extras running away with it. Darren Jones also looked strong playing on the Stag’s wing. The two combined to set the stage for a Huntingdon consolation try at the end of the match.

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