Live Blog – 1st XV v Ealing, 17/09/22

Welcome to our Live Match Day Blog – 1st XV v Ealing Trailfinders  (3pm Kick-Off)

This page will be updated regularly throughout the game so please remember to refresh your page every few minutes to keep up with the action!

16:54 FULL TIME at Dillingham Park 17 v 32

16:52 Penalty Ealing – 17 v 32.

16:51 Skelcey attacks but concedes a penalty on halfway. Ealing scrum.

16:50 Penalty Ampthill on own 22. Parks finds touch on half way.

16:46 TRY EALING – Karlo Tizzano. 17 v 2

16:43 TRY Ampthill – its a hat-trick for Ben Cambriani with try out wide left. Conversion missed. 17 v 22.

16:42 Ampthill penalty on own 22. Parks finds touch on halfway

16:40 Ollie Stonham intercepts and runs clear but play called back for an Ealing penalty

16:38 Dan off, Blackmore on. Scrum Ealing

16:37 Parks kicks off and Skelcey chases but Ealing come away with ball. Knock on – scrum Ampthill

16:36 Parks on for Hardwick. Wilson now captain.

16:35 TRY Ealing, Simon Uzokwe breaks the line following multiple phases in A’s half. 12 v 22

16:32 Yellow card for Ealing. Penalty 5m out. Dan taps and goes but Ealing turnover.

16:30 Ampthill attack down blind and step into touch. Ealing line out

16:28 Ealing exit through Shingler. Ealing collapse the maul and A’s have another penalty

16:27 From teh restart A’s put Ealing under pressure and win a penalty on 22 wide right. Line out 5m out.

16:26 Penalty Ealing. 12 v 15

16:25 Referee calls us back and its an Ealing penalty on 22. Meanwhile they have a player down for treatment.

16:23 Scrum ealing on A’s 22.

16:22 Skelcey carries out for Ampthill and wins a penalty. Great kick from Hardwick

16:21 Another penalty scrum Ealing.

16:19 A’s Line out not straight. Scrum Ealing.

16:18 Theo Dan breaks but has no support in a 3 on 1. Scrum Ealing on 22.

16:15 Penalty Ampthill on halfway. Sproston off, Hardman on.

16:13 Skelcey collects the kick off and Warren drives forward. Scrum Ampthill just inside own half

16:11 TRY Ampthill – multiple phases and Cambriani has an overlap and runs under the posts. Conversion from Hardwick 12 v 12.

16:10 Both teams are back on the pitch and Ampthill captain Tom Hardwick gets us under way!

3:53 HALF TIME – 5 v 12.

3:53 Ampthill penalty on halfway. Hardwick points to the posts but kick goes wide.

3:51 Lineout 5m out. Ampthill steal and attack through Hardwick.

3:49 Penalty Ealing for a high tackle!!

3:47 Ampthill on the attack and win a penalty on halfway. Kick to 22.

3:44 Ealing kick off – Finlay collects and clears. Scrum Ealing

3:42 TRY AMPTHILL Penalty to Ampthill in own half. Hardwick switches play and kicks deep for Cambo to chase. Only one winner there! Conversion missed. 5 v 12

3:40 A kickable penalty Ealing 40m out but they go to the line again. Ampthill steal and clear through Hardwick

3:39 Scrum ealing on halfway.

3:37 Another penalty to A’s and they have a lineout inside Ealing 22. Ealing turnover.

3:36 Penalty Ampthill. Line out midway in Ealing half

3:35 A’s win scrum and Hardwick kicks into Ealing 22.

3:33 Ealing knock on and scrum Ampthill.

3:32 Ealing penalty on halfway. Kick finds touch on 22.

3:30 Ampthill over commit in the breakdown – Ealing pick up and outnumber A’s defence. TRY Ealing under posts. 0 v 12

3:28 Ampthill working the phases into Ealing half. Hardwick chips through but Ealing collect and exit agin.

3:27 Ealing penalty on own 22. Kicked to halfway.

3:24 Ampthill line out in Ealing half. Ampthill break into Ealing 22 through Toby Knight but ball goes loose and Ealing can relieve the pressure.

3:22 Penalty Ealing on halfway. Finlay collects and goes long. A’s win penalty

3:21 Yellow card for Llewlyn Jones. A’s down to 14 for ten minutes

3:20 Penalty Ealing kicked to touch. Ampthill steal and on the attack through Rankin and Cambriani

3:19 Penalty Ampthill on halfway. HArdwicks kick is too long. Ealing scrum on halfway

3:17 Hardwick kicks to halfway. Ampthill win own line out but ball goes away from them.

3:17 Ealing lineout 10m out. Ampthill defence holds firm and win a penalty!

3:15 Ealing putting Ampthill under pressure. Penalty on 22 kicked to touch

3:13 Ampthill scrum in own 22. Finlay box kicks to touch midway in own half

3:12 Great scrum from Ampthill but referee signals penalty to Ealing

3:10 From the kick-off A’s put visitors under pressure but concede a scrum.

3:09 TRY Ealing – driving maul, conversion missed

3:07 Ealing penalty and line out 5m out.

3:06 Ealing line out on halfway, ball worked the width of the pitch into As 22, Finlay again exits to touch

3:05 pm Kick-Off – Ealing get us underway and Lewis Finlay collects and kicks to touch

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