Live Feed: 1st XV v Jersey Reds, 10/09/2022

Welcome to our Live Match Day Blog – 1st XV v Jersey Reds (3pm Kick-Off)

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4:52 FULL TIME 21 v 36

4:50 Ampthill scrum on half-way. Ball worked to Jackson who kicks through but finds touch. Jersey lineout.

4:49 Cambriani attacks but loses possession. Jersey lineout

4:48 Penalty Ampthill kicked into Jersey half.

4:46 Penalty Jersey midway in own half.

4:44 Penalty A’s just outside 22. Rankin kicks to touch 10m out.

4:42 Penalty converted. 21 v 36

4:41 Stonham picks up and attacks the Jersey line. Another penalty and 10m gain for Jersey who elect to kick.

4:40 Strong carry from Warren but referee sees an infringement and penalty Jersey who scrum.

4:38 Jersey kickoff and Rankin kicks to touch.

4:36 Hardwick again on target again. 21 v 33

4:35 TRY Ampthill! A’s secure lineout and maul goes forward. Theo Dan with the credit.

4:34 Ampthill penalty just inside Jersey half.

4:30 TRY Jersey. Reverse pass from scrum half and overlap on left. Conversion good. 14 v 33

4:27 Second attempt at the scrum. Penalty Jersey. Another scrum.

4:26 Ampthill scrum on own 22.

4:25 Ball worked left and kicked through. Rankin wins the race.

4:24 Penalty Jersey. Kicked to A’s 22. Lineout Jersey

4:22 A’s secure lineout and Craven kicks to half way

4:21 Jersey maul goes forward. Ball worked out to right but thrown into touch. Ampthill lineout on 22.

4:20 Ampthill under pressure but Rankin tidies up and kicks to touch

4:19 Yellow for Skelcey for a knock-on. Penalty Jersey

4:18 Jersey appear offside from the kick-off but Hardwick exits to halfway.

4:17 Conversion Hardwick.14 v 26

4:16 TRY Ampthill! Ma’asi-White intercepts in midfield and races 60m to score.

4:15 Jersey on the attack. Lineout on 22.

4:13 A’s lineout on halfway. Stonham secure but an unforced error gives Jersey possession and van Breda kicks forward.

4:12 A try-saving tackle from Harry Craven and A’s get a penalty midway in own half

4:11 A’s drive forward and get over the line but ball not touched down. Jersey exit

4:10 Second Half underway. 7 v 26 Come on you A’s!

3:47 HALF TIME. 7 v 26. Ampthill with work to do in the second half.

3:45 Another Jersey scrum 5m out. TRY Jersey – Alun Lawrence, converted Bennett

3:43 Scrum Jersey 5m out. Ball worked left but referee pulls play back for another scrum.

3:40 Kick-tennis and eventually a Jersey lineout just inside A’s half.

3:38 Hardwick adds the extras 7 v 19

3:37 Ampthill on the attack. TRY! Ma’asi-White breaks and ball recycled to Stonham who dives over.

3:36 Jersey run it back and win another penalty. Ellwood off for Warren

3:34 Jersey win own lineout and break but A’s intercept and exit through Hardwick.

3:34 Another penalty Jersey who get an opportunity to relieve A’s pressure.

3:33 Jersey scrum midway in own half.

3:31 Hardwick kicks off and Cambriani chases. A’s work the ball right and Hartley breaks but pulled back for a scrum Jersey

3:30 Penalty TRY Jersey 0 v 19

3:29 Yellow for Syd Blackmore. Another penalty scrum to Jersey 5m out. Theo Dan on for Skelcey

3:26 Another penalty to Jersey 5m out and they who choose to scrum

3:25 Jersey penalty on halfway kicked deep in As 22. A’s under pressure.

3:23 TRY Jersey. 2nd for Woollett. Conversion missed 0 v 14

3: 22 A short break for an injury to captain Charlie Beckett. Greg Fisilau on as replacement

3:01 – 3:21 sorry for the technical issue that wiped the feed!

3:00 Kick-Off following a minutes silence and the national anthem

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