U13 Girls v Old Northamptonians, Match Report

U13 Girls v Old Northamptonians, Match Report

TU13 Girls v Old Northamptonianshe girls and coaches have worked hard this season and this match showed the results. Having previously played the visitors everyone knew that this fixture would not be an easy, however from the outset determination and a new self belief proved a winning formula.

The first half saw Amps take command of the match pinning ONs in their own half for much of the first 20 minutes. The visitors showed that given a chance some of their speedier players would prove a threat and this was born out when A’s were caught off guard and conceded two tries. With heavy rain, and at one point snow, adding to the occasion the hosts dug in and fought hard to keep on top. All areas of the the home side’s game have improved this season. Superb drives in the maul, better tackling and line discipline were all evident.

TU13 Girls v Old Northamptonianshe second half once again saw Ampthill maintain a commanding grip on the game. ONs however began a late fight back when Amps began to show tired legs which forced the home team deep into their own half. A’s defence was excellent and ONS were beaten off on several occasions. The match ended with the hosts earning a deserved victory 8 – 4.

Thanks must go to the visitors who proved a difficult team to beat and showed determination and grit. A great team of girls with a great character, it was a pleasure to host them at Dillingham Park. A return trip is a must.

Deciding the ‘Woman of the Match’ was a difficult decision to make. It was eventually awarded to Winger Ashley Wood as her improved tackling prevented two ONS tries.

U13 Girls v Old Northamptonians

During the match all of the girls delivered their best play this season. The team is united and becoming more confident as the season moves on which is evident in the noise generated during team talks and more importantly during play. The result speaks for itself

Dave Dunstan, U13 girls coach, looked rightfully happy with the performance along with a growing crowd of supporters. Tour details, provided in the bar after the match, further galvanized team morale.

Well done Ampthill U13 Girls.

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