U14 End of Season Report 2015-2016

The U14s have a had great season culminating in winning the HML league at the top of the table scoring 247 points and only conceding 46 and thereby gaining promotion to division 2 next season. Whilst we did very well against teams outside our usual stomping ground, games against our neighbours didn’t fare so well, but this was turned around in the last quarter of the season. We had several new players join and these players all seemed to slot right in and were contributing to our success very quickly. We now have 9 players in the DPP and 2 in the EPDG and these young men represent us and the club in Bedfordshire county games so they deserve a special mention, but we’re all very proud of every single one of the lads as we’ve seen steady improvement across the board.
We recently hosted a French touring side who managed to give the lads a good lesson in straight running and solid defence. Overall though it was a positive experience and we’ve made some new friends for a return visit in 2018, which will be the fifth stage of our six nations touring plan. We’re about to embark on stage three with this season’s tour to Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of April, and I’m sure much fun will be had in the process.
We’ll work hard to improve on our success in the local cup competitions next season, and with a little luck, we’ll not end up drawing Bedford in the first round! Division 2 of the HML next season bring its challenges of tougher opposition, but if we continue with the positive progression we’ve seen this season, we’re sure the lads will take it in their stride.
In conclusion, it’s been a season where we’ve watched the boys get bigger, spottier and stinkier off the pitch and grow in skill and confidence on it, yet despite the after match aroma we’ve loved every minute! As our little darlings turn into men in front of our very eyes we can only pray they’ll discover that showers can be found in most changing rooms!
Thank you ALL for your continued support.
U14s Coaches

U14 Amps & French Touring Team 2016
U14 Amps & French Touring Team 2016
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